Liudmila Kozachek - Russian Artist

Liudmila Kozachek – Russian Artist  rusflagtransperant

Liudmila Kozachek was born in Moscow, USSR in June 1947. As a child she moved with her family to the southern town of Russia – Krasnodar– where she is still residing now. Krasnodarskiy kray is a beautiful region as it combines an intricate mixture of different landscapes and cultures, so it is no surprise that it has been a great inspiration to Liudmila over the years in her life and of course in her works.

Liudmila attended the Art School N1 named after Vladmir Ptashinkiy and in 1971, she graduated from the Art Faculty of Kuban State University. She is a member of St Petersburg Art Union.

Liudmila participates regularly in both Russian and International art exhibitions. In the last few years her paintings were presented in the following exhibitions: “Ancient Russia”, “Miniatures. Paintings and Graphic Works”, “The Sound of Colour”, “Alaya” (St Petersburg, Russia), “Godlike People”, “Lilac Evening”, “Spring, flowers…”, “Earth and Sky” (Krasnodar, Russia), “The lands of the Amazons” (Taman, Russia), “Gank-Art” (Ankara, Turkey), “EGE-Art” (Izmir, Turkey), “Artbosphorus” (Istanbul, Turkey), “Art Show” (Byala, Bulgaria).

Liudmila’s paintings are currently on display at the Gallery of Modern Art and in the studio “Veles” in St Petersburg, in the Foundation of Russian Culture in Krasnodar, in the Gallery “El Prado Art Studio” and at the Association of Russian Culture in Ankara.

Her paintings are in the private collections of Byala’s town hall, as well as in the hands of private collectors around the world, but majorly in Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, England and France.

As well as working on exhibitions and commissions for private collectors, she teaches and collaborates with publishing houses as an illustrator.

She is a very diverse artist in terms of styles, but she enjoys participating in different art exhibitions in order to develop relationships with other artists and immerse herself in the current modern art streams. She is learned in Chinese practice of feng shui and in her free time she really enjoys travelling.

(Krasnodarskiy Kray boasts Azovskoye Sea on the northern west coast and Black Sea on the southern west, as well as a beautiful range of mountains to the north that separates Russia from the South Caucasus. It is the home to Krasnaya Polyana (Red Glade) which is a world famous ski resort as well as numerous health resorts and a string of tourist destinations along the Black Sea coast and of course Sochi, the host of Winter Olympics Games 2014.)

Людмила Козачёк – Русская художница.   rusflagtransperant